Creating value in diverse companies with vision and focus

We create value in diverse companies with vision and focus to change the way the world looks at a product or technology.

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Longford Exploration Mountains
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We are Longford Capital

A Canadian-based company with experienced advisors and experts who know how to advance companies across a wide variety of industries with high growth potential.

Longford Capital is committed to supporting management teams by taking a hands-on approach to propel businesses to success. From leading you through branding and helping you through corporate M&A and public offerings, we are there for you. Years of experience combined with expertise across a variety of industries, enable us to provide insights that give you foresight to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Our Investment Portfolio

Our Investment Criteria

Great Leadership

We invest in the person, then the company. Longford works alongside other industry disruptors who live and breathe innovation all while being great leaders. It’s our goal to collaborate and work with like minded executives who share a common goal of greatness.

Unique Proposition

We work with innovative companies that are seeking a partner to help not only grow, but to stand out. Whether it’s a product or a concept, we find value in difference and leaving behind the mundane.

Clear Path to Liquidity

Let’s be real, we're all here to make money. Capital is literally our name. Businesses we partner with have a clear path forward and confidence in their trajectory.

Our Investment Portfolio

We maintain a diverse portfolio of projects and investments, across an array of industries.

Our mandate is to create value in early stage companies with vision and focus to change the way the world looks at a product or technology.

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Our Projects

01 Longford Exploration

Natural Resources

02 Cocolypso

Food and Beverage

03 Global UAV


04 Blacksheep Gear

Apparel & Clothing

05 Northworx

Artisanal Goods

Longford Exploration Mountains

0 1 / 0 5  Natural Resources

Longford Exploration Logo

A Canadian-based exploration services company providing turnkey and bespoke solutions to the global mineral exploration and resource communities.

Commodity and geographically agnostic with a track record of value creation from grassroots project development and investment in early stage projects. We maintain an active footprint with multiple resource focused divisions and excel in project generation and creating deal flow.

Mineral Exploration and Development Assets

Finding the right project to match your commodity hypothesis and development stage.

From initial listing to the elephant, we have you covered. We assist in targeting and identifying a project that suits your criteria, lock it up and help complete the transaction using our experience across various stages and commodities in many M&A transactions.

0 2 / 0 5  Food and Beverage

Cocolypso logo

Game changing technology in the food and beverage space.

A groundbreaking company bringing fresh, raw, easy to open coconuts to the world in a natural and fully compostable way.

Cocolypso beverage coconut

0 3 / 0 5  Technology

globalUAV logo

Drone technology and service company providing solutions for collecting high quality geophysical data for a number of industries.

With its growing technical expertise and expanding reach globally, Global UAV Technologies is implementing its plan to become a leader within the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or ‘UAV’) sector.

0 4 / 0 5  Apparel & Clothing

Blacksheep Logo

Modernizing outdoor exploration equipment to work with today’s tools

Modern exploration requires modern tools and equipment. The Industry has seen significant technology advancements as data collection moves to digital collection. Blacksheep Gear delivers high performance goods to protect equipment and enable the modern explorer.

Blacksheep gear

Person of Intent
A conscious brand with intentional messaging.

A modern apparel brand designed to bring your ethos into your style. Person of Intent is all about being a conscious individual. We believe you are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in. Your growth is defined by your intentions.

Blacksheep gear
Stone Product Feature

05 / 0 5 Artisanal Goods

Northworx Logo

Focused on combining sustainability and luxury, Northworx is a beautiful accent to your home, spa, or hotel.

Northworx delivers handcrafted products made by a local artisan in Alberta, Canada. With products that are as functional as they are beautiful, Northworx pours Canadian spirit into every piece made.

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With offices located in Vancouver, Toronto and a presence in the UK, Longford Capital is ready to work with industry diverse businesses across Canada.

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